No love lost between neighbors: poll


Over 90 percent of Japanese and Chinese have an unfavorable impression of each other, according to a survey conducted from June to July by Japanese nonprofit Genron NPO and Chinese English-language newspaper The China Daily released Monday, the highest percentage since similar polls began in 2005.

In Japan, 90.1 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion of China, up 5.8 percentage points from last year, while 92.8 percent in China said the same of Japan, up 28.3 points.

The main reasons cited were the territorial row over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea that are claimed by China, as well as issues arising from Japan’s wartime conduct.

Bilateral tensions have heightened since the Japanese government purchased three of the five main islets in the Senkaku group from a private landowner on Sept. 11, 2012, to bring the chain under direct state control.

Over 53 percent of Japanese with an unfavorable impression of China cited the standoff over the Senkaku Islands, followed by 48.9 percent who cited China’s criticism of Japan over history-related issues.

  • Ron NJ

    48.9% of Japanese people surveyed forming an unfavorable opinion because of China lodging valid criticism at Japan, nice.

  • Deplorable.
    We should have been ones to try to get loved by Asian neighbors nonetheless, it has to be disappointed that many Chinese people do dislike us in the first place, if it’s true.
    We have to love neighbors with no matter how they don’t, a perception of time which Chinese people usually have, is quite different from ours, we just don’t understand it enough.
    68 years means forever to us Japanese, never the same to Chinese people, they think “time” in a term of hundreds or thousands years, maybe a promise made 40 years ago is one made yesterday to them, which sense we have to take care of always, otherwise we’re going to get disliked if we failed it, as the poll says.
    I do love 周 潤發 if 92.8 percent of people in China have an unfavorable impression with Japanese.