China voices opposition to Cabinet minister visits to Yasukuni


The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed opposition Tuesday to possible visits by members of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet to Yasukuni Shrine on Aug. 15, the anniversary of Japan’s surrender in World War II.

“China will never accept it,” the ministry said in a statement, arguing that visits to the Shinto shrine by political leaders would mean Japan is denying its militaristic past and the invasion of parts of Asia.

Tomomi Inada, state minister in charge of administrative reform, is considering visiting the Tokyo shrine where high-ranking officials convicted of war crimes by an Allied tribunal are honored along with millions of war dead, sources close to her said earlier this month.

China and South Korea in particular regard the shrine as a symbol of Japan’s past militarism.

Abe said again Tuesday that he will not restrict his Cabinet members from visiting the shrine.

As for himself, Abe has decided not to visit the shrine on the anniversary day out of consideration for already frayed relations with China and South Korea, according to government and ruling party sources.

In addition to facing up to its past, the Chinese statement urged Japan to “speak and act cautiously, and take concrete actions to win the trust of its neighboring countries in Asia and the international community.”

  • Abe should visit the shrine to show Japan cannot be cowed by an aggressive and expansionist Communist China.

    • David L

      To your logic, Angela Merkel should set up a shrine and worship Adolf Hitler.

      • vasu

        Isn’t it better a hypothetical question be answered by same nature ? How about the atomic weapon Adolf Hitler’s scientists would have acquired say only a week before the american .Forget about today’s 180 plus nations and multiculturalism and its beliefs ,there would have been only one super God on earth and he were Adolf Hitler and your are talking about war memorial but perhaps nobody would have been left any memory except two words ‘Heil Hitler”

      • David L

        The US is definitely not happy with Abe’s jingoistic antics. So far, President Obama has refused to meet with him despite Japan’s many attempts.

      • blahblahblah

        Wrong, Obama has already met with Abe. Get your facts straight.

      • So, you want Asia to surrender to the Chinese Co-prosperity Sphere? Communists always want their enemies to surrender.
        Note that the Shrine is not to Tojo, but to all Japanese who have died in battle and predates WWII.
        Note also that Winston Churchill said the greatest American was Robert E. Lee.
        I would note that Tojo should not be there because he did not die in combat and failed at suicide. That is dishonorable. He is like Kira Yoshinaka.

  • Steven R. Simon

    Simon says that it’s quite odd for a Communist to criticize a visit to the Yakusuni shrine when an oversized portrait of the far and away out front # 1 biggest mass murderer of all time hangs in Tiananmen Square.

  • V Lee

    Unfortunately, this action reflects the lack of remorse of their war crimes. It has since been almost two since I boycotted Japanese goods because of this and right wing political shift. Frankly, there are so many other good alternatives.

    • Yes, buy Chinese goods supplied by slave labor, where worker unions and strikes are illegal. Where political opponents of communism are execute or imprisoned. Where women are forced to have abortions. Some human morality that is.

  • vasu

    Chinese opposition to a visit to the shrine of war heroes by Japanese politicians speaks of its own hypocrisy which better left unsaid is wiser .what moral right it has to sermon as a high priest of humanity to others when it is heading the list of butchering innocent unarmed people of non-violence in Tibet for more then 6 decades on flimsy pretext .Are these Tibetans less human than any chinese ,it accused the Japanese of killing and violating their human rights ? If it’s so concerned with war crime then why don’t the american and its allies be objected to paying homage to their was-memorials spread over the world ? what great service had they done to the humanity in 2 WW and others in Vietnam ,Kosovo, Afganistan and Iraq so that they deserve different treatment ? Is it not true that at the drop of a hat china warns and accuses other of interference into its internal affair even for a paltry issue ? should Japan have any internal affair ? Don’t forget those japanese soldiers were doing duty to nation not for personal calling .They did what they were supposed to in war .But one very remarkable distinction is observed between them and others .They admitted misery of war and mended their errors but nobody other .The proof is very naked all to see as the escalation of wars going at top speed all over the world and China is at its high testosterone to set on at any excuse.