Saiki dispatched to China to ease tensions over isles


The government dispatched Vice Foreign Minister Akitaka Saiki to Beijing on Monday for two days of talks aimed at easing tensions being caused by the Senkaku Islands dispute.

Saiki is scheduled to meet with his counterpart, Zhang Yesui. The two may exchange views on the timing for a potential summit between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping, sources said.

China has said there will be no summit as long as Japan refuses to officially admit the existence of the territorial dispute involving the Senkakus. Japan argues the summit should be held without preconditions.

Japan put the uninhabited isles in the East China Sea under state control last September, despite fierce criticism from China.

“A summit is not in sight yet,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at a press conference. “Both Japan and China are responsible for contributing to world peace and prosperity, so we should have frank discussions.”

Another Japanese official said: “We stand firm in our stance of not recognizing a territorial dispute, but we believe it’s possible for the two countries to avert a crisis through dialogue.”

Saiki hopes to confirm that the two countries will calmly address the row. The Senkakus are claimed as Diaoyu by China and as Tiaoyutai by Taiwan.

The nominal purpose of his visit is to pay courtesy calls on senior Chinese officials as the new vice foreign minister. Saiki assumed the post in late June.

  • DiDi Wu

    If there is no territorial dispute, then why didn’t Japanese coast guard just arrest those Chinese coast guards? hahaha. Covering the ears while stealing the bell.. LMAO.

  • NK Low

    1.3 billion Chinese will never accept friendly relations with Japan without an acknowledgement of the Diaoyu dispute. This is part of Japanese bullying of China at the end of Qing China, and is followed by the deaths of more than 16 million civilian Chinese at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army, according to RJ Rummel, a prominent American historian.

    • Hi,I’m a Japanese citizen, nice to meet you.
      I think what China’s saying, makes sense, as long as this was started from Japanese side, naturalizing the islets with breaching the promise made between Zhou Enlai and Kakuei Tanaka 40 years ago, besides, never admits the promise existing, or breaching it, what current our government has been doing toward China, is very rude, respectless.
      It’s quite natural what Chinese government’s requiring, or their getting uncomfortable as well.
      It should be kept as long as it’s what two leaders once agreed with before.
      As for the atrocities our forefathers commited, I know there were awful unspeakable things, and Zhou Enlai and people these days had forgiven us in 1972, also they gave Japan Panda to be a symbol of the relationship, they were really loved and are still loved in here, I’m prepared to take a burden our forefathers created on my shoulders, even it’s not enough, or too less, and not going to avoid or run away from it.
      Wish there’ll be coming a day to take our relationship back like it was when the Communique was made.