A documentary film criticizing Japan's export of a nuclear power plant to Vietnam that has impacted a small village will be screened this weekend at the Fukuoka Asian Film Festival.

For the 2012 film "Shinobiyoru Genpatsu" ("Encroaching Nuclear Power Plant"), the documentary writer Shinsuke Nakai, 46, interviewed residents of a coastal village in central Vietnam who said they were not fully informed of the serious consequences of the Fukushima nuclear crisis while Japan promoted the nuclear plant project.

Nakai visited the village, which has a population of around 2,000, in February last year.

The head of the village of Thai An, who was invited Japan to see a nuclear power plant, says in the film that reactors are "sealed" by doors at a plant and "safe." Villagers are relocating only around 1 km from the site where construction of the plant is scheduled to start next year.

Nakai also filmed in the city of Fukushima to show residents who have had to leave their hometowns.

The film has also been screened in western Japan, Tokyo and Nagoya on a nonprofit basis.

In October 2010, the Japanese and Vietnamese governments agreed on a project under which Japanese contractors would build two nuclear reactors in Vietnam.