• Kyodo


The Nagoya Municipal Assembly enacted an ordinance Tuesday that caps the annual salary of Mayor Takashi Kawamura at ¥8 million — one of his policy pledges to help save taxpayer money.

A special ordinance on his salary was adopted at a plenary session of the assembly. Kawamura had said he hoped his salary would be reduced to a level similar to that of an “ordinary citizen.”

The amount is far lower than the roughly ¥26 million the mayor of Nagoya — the nation’s fourth-largest city with a population of around 2.26 million — is entitled to.

Kawamura had made his salary pledge during his successful campaign for a second term in April’s mayoral election.

Municipal lawmakers, however, have added a line to the salary ordinance that says it is an exception “implemented only during the term of office of the incumbent mayor and is separate from a permanent ordinance.”