Sony to sell land at factory site in Gifu


Sony Corp. is arranging the sale of 5.6 hectares of land in Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, where the closing of its factory there last month seriously affected the regional economy, Gifu Gov. Hajime Furuta told reporters Monday.

Furuta visited Sony headquarters in Tokyo earlier in the day to ask that the premises be put to effective use and the former factory workers relocated.

  • Spudator

    Restructuring and headcount reduction are the name of Sony’s game as it tries to turn itself around and become relevant again in a tech world dominated by Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese companies. So another factory had to close and now the land has to go.

    What a shame Sony’s top management are so clueless and so lacking in imagination and creativity that they can’t come up with new ways of using their precious assets and, instead, are forced to sell them off. How depressing they’re so blind they can’t see that the world is racing towards a tech future where everything is in the cloud. Don’t they understand that the company’s fortunes can only lie in a synergy of cloud infrastructure, cloud services, and mobile devices that tap into the power of that cloud? If any company in Japan has the hardware and software expertise to become Japan’s answer to Google, it has to be Sony. All they need is Google’s imagination. Yet here they are getting rid of a site that could have been the location of their first major cloud data centre.