New Murakami novel tops 1 million


Publisher Bungeishunju Ltd. said Thursday the latest novel by acclaimed author Haruki Murakami has passed the 1 million mark since its release April 12.

“Shikisai o Motanai Tazaki Tsukuru to, Kare no Junrei no Toshi” (“Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage”) was in its second printing even before its release due to major preorders.

Even so, the book has been sold out at many bookstores.

An earlier Murakami novel, “1Q84 Book 3,” topped 1 million sales 12 days after its release in 2010.

  • kyushuphil

    Amazing — and this the author of that great speech in Barcelona two years ago, June, after the Fukushima-Daiichi meltdowns.

    Further amazing — that there may, too, some poets yet in Japan whom some still read. Maybe some other exponents of other arts from older culture — also yet humanly, artistically alive.

    Can this be possible in the land being covered in concrete, paved with ever more highways, jingling with ever more shopping malls, roboticizing under ever more regimes of standardized tests — and no questions, please — in all the schools?