Wife-beating Japanese diplomat suspended for six months


A Japanese diplomat convicted in the United States of domestic violence against his wife has been suspended from work for six months, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

The ministry said it took the disciplinary action against Yoshiaki Nagaya, 33, a vice consul at the consulate general in San Francisco, under the National Public Service Law for committing an act that undermines the credibility of national civil servants.

He was convicted in March and sentenced to one year in county jail, three years of supervised probation and 104 hours of domestic violence counseling.

Nagaya, who is on loan from the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry and was assigned to the consulate in June 2010, was found guilty of injuring his wife at their home in San Francisco in May and September 2011.

  • kana

    Six months seems ridiculously short and it sends the message to the international community that Japan as a nation, condones domestic violence, or worse that beating wives in Japan occurs frequently and is considered normal. The appropriate response would be termination of his employment.

  • DV is a criminal offense no matter where he was tried. That won’t change any fact. He was receiving restraining order, and was barred from physically contacting with his battered wife. In Japan, there’s different standard set for this horrible man. Not surprising, though. There are too many MCPs to count their noses in the Japanese society.