Drunk Brits swim to palace, arrested

Kyodo / Staff Report

Two drunken Britons were arrested Sunday for trying to break into the Imperial Palace by swimming across the surrounding moat half-naked, palace police said Monday.

Louis Collin, 25, and Joe Burdon, 24, were found climbing the palace’s stone wall in only their underwear, after apparently swimming in the moat near Sakurada Gate.

Police arrested the two men for trespassing at around 7:30 a.m. Sunday.

The two, who claim they are tourists, told police that they wanted to take pictures inside the palace, according to an official from the Imperial Guard Headquarters.

They had placed their clothes and a digital camera in a bucket, the official said.

  • Hanten

    I’m sure the police, palace security and imperial family aren’t amused but I want to thank these two men for making me laugh. Such nerve and imagination is not often seen here, although its a shame it had to expressed through an illegal activity.
    I am very curious about a few things; were they drunk? Have they been deported? Any comments from The British Embassy?

    • Stan Cox

      Heck I’m British & I’M not amused. I hope they get a serious warning.

  • We’ve been doing this for years and never got caught once. Then again, we always waited until after dark.