Trade with China down 14% in March


China’s trade with Japan in March decreased 14.7 percent year on year to $25.89 billion, according to government data released Wednesday.

The statistics from the General Administration of Customs said imports from Japan were down 18.5 percent, while exports to Japan fell by 10 percent.

By contrast, China’s total foreign trade in March increased by 12.1 percent compared with last year, with exports up 10 percent, narrowing from the previous month’s 21.8 percent, and imports were 14.1 percent higher following a 15.2 percent drop in February.

The latest Sino-Japanese trade figures suggest bilateral economic relations may not have improved after sharp falls in trade in the wake of the Japanese government’s effective nationalization of the disputed Senkaku Islands. The move sparked anti-Japan demonstrations in China and a consumer boycott of Japanese products.