Malaysia court rejects Japanese woman’s appeal of drug-smuggling death sentence


A 38-year-old Japanese woman sentenced to death for attempting to smuggle drugs into Malaysia on Wednesday lost her appeal.

The three-man bench of the Court of Appeal, the second-highest court in the country, unanimously rejected Mariko Takeuchi’s appeal.

Takeuchi was convicted and sentenced to death in October 2011 for trafficking 3.5 kg of methamphetamines into Malaysia on Oct. 30, 2009.

Under Malaysian law, anyone found possessing a minimum of 50 grams of methamphetamine is considered to be trafficking in a dangerous drug, which is punishable by death.

“We found that we could not see any reason to disturb the finding of facts by the trial judge. Therefore, the appeal by the appellant is rejected. The conviction and sentencing is hereby confirmed,” Judge Mohamed Apandi Ali said.

Takeuchi’s lawyer, Affifuddin Ahmad Hafifi, told reporters outside the court that the defendant will appeal to the Federal Court, the country’s highest court. If her second appeal also fails, her last chance would be to seek a pardon from the sultan.

Takeuchi pleaded innocent in her first trial, claiming she did not know about the drugs found in a suitcase she brought to Malaysia from Dubai. She said she was carrying the suitcase as a favor for an Iranian acquaintance.

Takeuchi, who has been incarcerated since her arrest, is the first Japanese national to be tried for drug-trafficking in Malaysia and the first sentenced to hang.

  • Mohammed Abdalla

    I was searching to comment on the news item about Iranian ladies smuggling drugs into Malaysia and receiving a death sentence for it. it was horrible enough imagining those ladies (who were set up by drug lords) killed for being fools and uninteligent enough to know a set up. And why should any human be killed for trivialities like that? a human life is taken for ounces of bloody drugs, is that the value of a human life??? this is a crude evidence that judicial systems are worse than drug lords. Isn’t it time yet for humans on this planet to be governed by themselves, by a system that places more value for a human life??? until that day, humanity shall continue suffering.