Chinese leader urges preservation of postwar global order


Chinese President Xi Jinping said during a visit to Moscow that China and Russia should ensure the spoils of winning World War II and the postwar international order are preserved, apparently alluding to the territorial battles both countries are embroiled in with Japan.

Xi, who arrived in the Russian capital on Friday and met later the same day with President Vladimir Putin, made the remarks Saturday while addressing students at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Xi is on the first leg of a four-nation tour.

In an apparent attempt to crank up the pressure on Tokyo over the Senkaku islet chain, which Japan controls and China claims, as well as four Russian-held islands off Hokkaido that Japan wants returned to its jurisdiction, Xi said Beijing and Moscow should support each other on their core national interests.

China has accused Japan of posing “a grave challenge to the postwar international order” by nationalizing the Senkakus last September, and claims the islets were “stolen” by Japan in 1895.

  • Ah but it was China, the Republic of China (Taiwan) that joined the US and other leading powers to be a founding member of the UN. So yes, let us return to the post WWII position, the ROC must have a seat at the table.

  • Antoine B.

    And China can give back it’s independence to Tibet, as it was right after the war.

    • Sauzo

      If you got your history right (not from the media controlled by some interests), Tibet is part of China for sure

      • Antoine B.

        Tibet part of China?

        Ha ha ha! you are so funny!

        Please, share those history sources to enlight us.

  • And China is talking to a country – Russia – which did not exist following World War II. His comments would best be directed toward the Soviet Union, if only he could find it on a map. Good to see that Japanese, US and European politicians aren’t the only ones making world-beating gaffes. I wonder how far Putin will run do distance himself from these comments?