Toppan Printing boasts world’s tiniest book


Toppan Printing Co. said Wednesday that it has made the world’s tiniest book, measuring 0.75 by 0.75 mm, using its ultrafine printing technologies.

The 22-page book on seasonal flowers carries illustrations of such flowers as cherry blossoms and Japanese plum blossoms with their names written in four ways — hiragana, katakana, kanji and the Latin alphabet.

The book is difficult to read without a magnifying glass.

Toppan Printing plans to apply to Guinness World Records for the book’s recognition as the world’s smallest, besting the current record-holder, a 0.9 by 0.9 mm book made in Russia.

The seasonal flower micro-book is currently exhibited at Toppan’s Printing Museum in Tokyo’s Bunkyo ward. The book, together with magnifying glass and enlarged copy, sells for ¥29,400.