The ruling Liberal Democratic Party has adopted a resolution supporting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's expected announcement that Japan will take part in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade talks involving 11 other Pacific Rim nations.

In light of opposition from the agricultural sector, which remains deeply worried about a possible influx of cheap imports, the resolution endorsed Wednesday by the LDP's panel on the TPP also called for the maintenance of tariffs on key farm products, especially rice, wheat, beef, dairy products and sugar. It also reflected worries that the TPP could hurt the domestic health insurance system, as the trade pact would allow for medical treatment overseas.

Calling for priority to be placed on safeguarding "vital interests" with regard to the farm and health insurance sectors, the resolution urged the government to walk away from the negotiating table if necessary. "We call for a crucial decision based on a century-long nation-building plan," it said.