Japanese businessman shot to death in Cambodia during street robbery


A Japanese businessman was shot to death during a robbery early Sunday on a street in Phnom Penh, local police reported.

Kosei Kitakura, 43, was attacked by two unidentified men on a motorbike who fired at him as he tried to fight them off, according to the police. He died on the way to a hospital, and the two suspects remain at large.

Heang Thareth, deputy police chief of Phnom Penh’s Chamkamorn District, said the assailants set upon Kitakura soon after he got out of a tuk-tuk taxi in front of his apartment building. Kitakura had arrived in Cambodia on Wednesday to help set up a local company.

The driver of the vehicle sustained injuries to his left arm while attempting to come to Kitakura’s rescue, the deputy police chief said.

  • Carlos

    This is the kind of tragic incident that will hurt relations between Cambodia and Japan and it will discourage future Japanese investments in Cambodia. I am less sanguine that Cambodian police will ever discover who the assailants are, so I can only pray for Mr. Kitamura’s family and friends. Cambodians are very good people, however due to rampant poverty and despair, good people will sometimes do very bad things. Let’s hope the assailants are found and brought to justice for this terrible crime.

    • Colin

      That is one of the smartest things I have read foreigners say about Cambodia, certainly in an online forum. I second your sentiments, but believe that perhaps the killers will be brought to justice in order to save Cambodia’s very important relations with Japan.

    • An assassination, even if it is a human tragedy of irreparable lost, doesn’t discourage investment from a big market like Japan to a developing economy like Cambodia. It doesn’t make Cambodians look dangerous too. The best answer to this situation is the reaction of a transparent and professional justice made by a good department of Police and a very professional tribunal that would give a great signal to the international community that Cambodian can prevent crime and will give the right punishment to criminals.

      • Sam

        I agreed. Cambodia needs transparency in Government and in court system.

  • Tepsaron@yahoo.com

    It is a shame on the goverment