Chrysler stages rare model debut


Fiat Chrysler Japan said Thursday it will release the Chrysler 300 luxury sedan and the Chrysler Ypsilon compact hatchback in Japan on Dec. 15, marking the first time in 4½ years that new automobiles with the Chrysler badge are released in the Japanese market.

The Chrysler 300, fitted with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine, is the flagship model of the U.S. Chrysler brand, with retail prices starting at ¥3.98 million for a base-grade model.

Fiat Chrysler Japan has given the model affordable prices for an imported luxury sedan in a bid to spur consumer demand. The turbocharged Chrysler Ypsilon, with a 2-cylinder 0.9-liter engine, boasts high gas mileage with retail prices starting at ¥2.35 million.