3-D 'Toy Story' attraction opens at DisneySea


The Tokyo DisneySea theme park in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, opened a new Toy Story-themed 3-D attraction Monday.

Visitors to Toy Story Mania! can take in the world of the “Toy Story” movie series, earning points by shooting targets such as balloons and eggs on a big screen.

Once the theme park opened at 9 a.m., people rushed to the attraction to line up, with some having to wait for more than four hours.

Hideaki Hasuo, a 38-year-old company employee from Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward, stayed at a hotel with his family at DisneySea to experience the new attraction promptly.

“The facility is enjoyable for children, while many others at DisneySea are rather for adults,” he said.

Toyville Trolley Park, an area re-creating a theme park of yesteryear in New York, also began operation at Tokyo DisneySea the same day.