Russian girl’s killing probed


Police have launched a murder investigation after finding the blood-soaked body of a 19-year-old Russian at her home in Yokohama on Friday.

Anna Filimonova is believed to have died around 8 a.m. Thursday from massive blood loss after being stabbed in the chest and abdomen.

A male Japanese acquaintance of Filimonova called the police around 3 a.m. Friday, saying she had injured her hand with a kitchen knife, the police said.

Officers arrived about 15 minutes later and found her already dead. A Peruvian national in his 30s was also in her apartment when the officers turned up.

The Peruvian man told them he had visited her apartment and found Filimonova already dead, with a kitchen knife lying next to her body. He said he threw the knife into a river in front of the building in a panic. The police later retrieved the knife.

Both men said they had visited her because they were unable to reach her by phone, and had found the front door unlocked.