Tokyo Gas unveils huge LNG ship


Tokyo Gas Co. showed to the media Wednesday its new liquefied natural gas tanker, one of the world’s largest, prior to commissioning it early next month.

The 300-meter-long, 143,000-ton Energy Horizon, currently berthed near an LNG plant in Chiba Prefecture, can transport around 80,000 tons of LNG in its spherical tanks, enough to meet annual gas demand from some 270,000 households, the firm said.

Tokyo Gas intends to expand its LNG business because utilities are expected to step up thermal power generation in the face of the nuclear crisis, which has left numerous reactors shut down.

The new ship, co-owned by a Tokyo Gas subsidiary and major shipping firm Nippon Yusen K.K., will travel mainly between Japan and Australia.

Tokyo Gas imported 10 million tons of LNG out of a total 70 million tons shipped to Japan in 2010.