Veteran comedian Kato Cha said he wants to continue doing comedy as long as his "body allows" at a recent event celebrating his 50 years in the entertainment business and his 68th birthday.

"Fifty years went by in a blink," Kato, who began his career as a drummer before turning to comedy, told the press March 1 at a hotel in Tokyo where a party was held. Guests included fellow members of the Drifters, a legendary Japanese slapstick comedy group.

"As the Drifters, we were like a family, always together," Kato recalled, with members Shimura Ken, Takagi Boo and Nakamoto Koji nearby.

"At age 17 and 18, I was a very serious drummer and I did not plan to become a comedian," he said.

When asked to recall the most memorable events during his life as a performer, Kato drew laughter by answering, "Divorce."

"There was one more guy (in the group), a tall one," Kato said, referring to Ikariya Chosuke, the leader of the Drifters who died seven years ago. "I want to perform new materials with the four of us as the Drifters while we are all alive," he said.