When it applies to makeup, Tokyo women the most dolled up: Kanebo poll


Women in Tokyo apply makeup more frequently and extensively than women in other Asian cities because how other people see them is considered a vital concern, according to a survey on Asian women’s lifestyle by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.

“Tokyo women are distinct for their wish to be stylish and ‘kawaii’ (cute), for their emphasis on surface qualities, for their awareness of human relationships, and for their concern over how others see them,” Kanebo’s research arm, Beauty Research Laboratory, said.

“Many women (in Tokyo) still feel embarrassed to appear outside the home without makeup,” it said. “The Tokyo responses on the frequency of makeup use reflect this attitude.”

The survey is based on responses in March from 468 women in Tokyo and in September from 450 women each in Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul, aged between 18 and 59.

Much can be learned about Tokyo women by looking at their attitudes toward work.

According to the survey, they are the only women who place relatively little importance on categories such as high income and career advancement. They are more preoccupied with personal relationships, it said.

Tokyo women feel a significant need to please other people and to be seen as “considerate,” “thoughtful,” “kind” and “a good cook,” the survey found. They aspire to appear “soft” and “stylish.”

Women in other cities meanwhile tend to be more straightforward and have positive self-advertisement in the hopes of standing out both in appearance and intelligence, the survey suggested. The most frequent descriptions of the ideal image of self were “cheerful,” “feminine,” “having good fashion sense,” “intelligent,” “well off” (having money) and “outgoing.”

The survey found that Tokyo women apply makeup more often and consider it vital for personal relationships.

In stark contrast with other cities, as many as 80 percent of Tokyo women use makeup either every day or five days a week. Tokyo women also use the most makeup items.

Taipei women meanwhile are inclined to apply natural makeup to look as if they are wearing none at all.