Ultimate rickshaw wedding trip

TSU, Mie Pref. (Kyodo) A rickshaw puller finished an around-the-country journey Monday in Ise, Mie Prefecture, then later in the day married a woman he met during his 7,000-km, two-year trip.

Shohei Yamada, 32, and his partner, Miho Nakagawa, 28, both from Tokyo, were welcomed at an Ise hotel by about 200 friends they got to know during their trip. The pair then went straight to the hotel’s wedding ceremony hall.

Yamada was introduced by a friend to Nakagawa in Tokyo a month after he began his odyssey from Ise. Since December 2008, he continued his trip carrying her on his rickshaw.

Yamada left Ise in May 2008, pulling his rickshaw along the Pacific coast. From Hokkaido, he headed along the Sea of Japan to Kyushu and crossed Shikoku before returning to Ise.