Leaked Senkaku video ‘authentic’

Coast guard grills Ishigaki officials who edited, stored footage; prosecutors deny leaking clips

Kyodo News

Prosecutors have confirmed that leaked video clips of the collisions between Japanese patrol boats and a Chinese trawler off the Senkaku Islands are identical to footage they received from the coast guard, informed sources said Saturday.

The Naha District Public Prosecutor’s Office has also concluded that the confidential video footage of the Sept. 7 collisions in the East China Sea was not leaked through its prosecutors, as there is no record of illicit usage of a dedicated server and USB for storing the video at their office, according to the sources.

There are also no signs so far of illicit access to the server from outside the office, although prosecutors will further investigate the possibility, they said.

Meanwhile, the coast guard has started questioning officials responsible for editing and storing the video clips at the Ishigaki coast guard station, as suspicion grows that this was the source of the leak.

The six clips totaling about 44 minutes that were posted on YouTube were identical to parts of the video footage edited by the Ishigaki station for submission as investigative materials to Naha prosecutors, the sources said.

The Ishigaki station submitted the original video totaling several hours and a second one edited for the investigation, the sources said.

The leaked footage shows the names of Japan Coast Guard officers and subtitles explaining proceedings, coast guard and investigative sources said earlier. As the subtitles were added during the final stage of editing, investigators believe that the video was leaked when the editing was almost complete.

According to the sources, the clips include subtitles such as one saying, “Switching to (personal name)’s camera as this memory card is going to be full.”

The coast guard sources confirmed that the names of the two people said to be shooting the video are those of current coast guard officers.