Swing voters trending toward DPJ

Kyodo News

Forty-three percent of unaffiliated voters are likely to cast their ballots for the Democratic Party of Japan in the proportional representation portion of the election, nearly triple the 15.8 percent who plan to vote for the Liberal Democratic Party, according to a Kyodo News poll.

In a survey conducted before the 2005 Lower House election that saw a major victory by the LDP, 26.5 percent of unaffiliated voters said they would vote for the LDP and 25.9 percent said the DPJ.

How unaffiliated voters trend, especially in urban areas, is considered to be a major decider in election results, as was the case in 2005.

In a telephone survey between Thursday and Saturday, 31.1 percent of respondents were unaffiliated voters who usually do not support a particular party.

Another 32.0 percent said they usually support the LDP, down 2.7 percentage points from 2005, and 17.1 percent said they support the DPJ, up 4.4 points.

But 24.8 percent of the LDP supporters said they will vote for the DPJ this time.

The telephone survey had 155,148 valid responses.

Recent media polls have suggested the DPJ is likely to win a landslide victory in the national election next Sunday.