Isozaki, Kitamura bag literary awards

Kyodo News

Kenichiro Isozaki was named Wednesday the winner of the 141st Akutagawa Prize for his novel “Tsui-no Sumika” (“The Last Home”), while Kaoru Kitamura won the 141st Naoki Prize for “Sagi to Yuki” (“Heron and Snow”).

A native of Chiba Prefecture, Isozaki, 44, is a company employee whose winning novel depicts the everyday life of a married couple from the husband’s point of view.

Eimi Yamada, a well-known writer and member of the selection committee for the Akutagawa Prize, praised Isozaki’s work as “the most intellectually built story among the candidate novels.”

Among the five other candidates for the Akutagawa, which goes to up-and-coming authors, was Iranian woman Shirin Nezammafi, 29.

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