Man fined over pics of stranger’s clothed rear

Kyodo News

The Supreme Court has turned down an appeal by a man fined for taking several photos of a female stranger’s clothed buttocks with a cell phone camera, court officials said Thursday.

In a decision dated Monday, the top court’s Third Petty Bench ruled 4-1 to uphold a high court decision imposing a ¥300,000 fine on Koji Hisasue, 31, a member of the Self-Defense Forces, for violating a Hokkaido ordinance banning indecent acts.

The presiding justice, Tokiyasu Fujita, said Hisasue’s acts could be interpreted under normal social conventions as indecent and obscene.

Fujita said the victim would likely have felt ashamed and anxious about having pictures taken of her buttocks, even though she was wearing pants, and that Hisasue clearly violated Hokkaido law.

Hisasue followed the 27-year-old woman for about five minutes at a supermarket in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, on July 21, 2006, taking 11 pictures of her rear from 1 to 3 meters.

The Sapporo High Court slapped the ¥300,000 fine on him in September 2007, overruling a not guilty decision at the Asahikawa Summary Court.