Baby hatch gets two more in August


The baby hatch for unwanted newborns set up at Jikei Hospital in the city of Kumamoto received two infant boys this month, bringing the number of children left at the facility to six since its May 10 launch, sources said Tuesday.

The babies were left there on Aug. 8 and last Thursday, they said.

Both are in good condition.

The parents of the baby left Aug. 8 later took him back, the sources said.

The hospital set up the “konotori no yurikago” (stork cradle) hatch after studying the system in Germany. It is equipped with an incubator. The system is designed to enable people to leave unwanted babies anonymously.

Jikei Hospital’s policy is to decline comment on whether children have been left in the baby hatch.

The prefectural and municipal governments in Kumamoto have announced they will jointly set up a special team to study the hospital’s operation and the social challenges of the baby hatch system.