Another data leak involving the Winny file-sharing program came to light Wednesday as All Nippon Airways said access codes for restricted areas at 29 airports, including major gateways such as Narita, were leaked onto the Internet from an ANA captain’s personal computer in November.

ANA said it was notified by the transport ministry Nov. 8 that data — including passwords to restricted areas at 29 airports in Japan — had been put on the Internet. The incident was not publicized for security reasons.

The affected airports included Haneda, Chubu, Kansai International and Fukuoka.

ANA said it had changed the passwords and taken other remedial action by Nov. 11 after confirming how the leak occurred.

The data leak is the latest in a string of incidents linked to Winny that have compromised such entities as police, hospitals and the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

In response, ANA officials said they again warned employees to refrain from using Winny and from using their home computers to store important company information.

The 54-year-old captain blamed for the incident has been reprimanded for violating company rules, according to the carrier.

A similar incident involving Japan Airlines came to light in December, when passwords for 17 airports were leaked by a computer virus that infected the personal computer of a copilot. JAL made the incident public the following day.