Fujitsu Ltd. said Wednesday it has sued subsidiaries of Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea in Japanese and U.S. courts for infringing on its patents for plasma display panels.

Fujitsu said it filed a suit Tuesday with the Tokyo District Court against Samsung Japan Corp., seeking an injunction against the import and sale of the plasma displays in Japan.

The company also filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Federal District Court in Los Angeles against Samsung SDI Co., seeking damages for patent infringement as well as a court order to halt the import and sale of those products.

Fujitsu spokesman Naomi Ogawa said the company is now in the process of determining the amount of damages it will seek.

Fujitsu began developing plasma display panel technologies in 1967. It claims to have developed the world’s first commercial 21-inch full-color plasma display panel in 1992. It holds more than 800 patents globally.

Fujitsu tops the global market share for such panels, used in the latest television sets, and Samsung SDI ranks second.

Samsung SDI has rejected demands that it pay for its use of Fujitsu’s patented plasma display technologies, and is continuing to make and sell displays that contravene Fujitsu’s patents, Fujitsu said in a statement.

The suit in Japan concerns the patent for technologies to increase the brightness of plasma panels as well as the light-emitting cell structure that gives longer life.

The U.S. suit involves 11 patents, including that for the light-emitting cell structure and one for enabling the display of rich colors, the company said.

Fujitsu said it has asked the Tokyo Customs to bar the import of those products under Japanese customs and tariffs laws.

Masanobu Kato, head of Fujitsu’s intellectual property group, said in the statement, “Fujitsu has invested over 30 years very significant resources in developing commercially viable PDP technology.

“We cannot permit others to exploit these valuable inventions without appropriate compensation,” he said.

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