Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. and Shiseido Co. said Thursday they will launch next month a “fat-burning” soft drink and body lotion developed under a single brand.

Under the Aroma Works brand, Coca-Cola will release Body Style Water, a 410-ml diet drink that will cost 160 yen, and Shiseido will launch Body Stylish Mist, which will come in a 180-ml container for 892 yen.

The products, which both contain grapefruit juice and caffeine, will be released April 21.

They called the tieup a “unique adventure.”

Shiseido released a popular “fat-burning” body lotion in 2002. Officials of the companies said Coca-Cola, looking to develop a new diet drink, proposed the joint project.

They said the drink and the lotion will be sold at drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

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