The two regional land-line carriers of NTT Corp. will focus on expanding fiber-optic networks for broadband services, according to their fiscal 2004 business plans released Monday.

NTT East Corp. plans to spend 130 billion yen for fiber-optic projects out of 410 billion yen in total capital expenditures planned for the next business year.

NTT West Corp. will earmark 150 billion yen out of 390 billion yen.

NTT East has revised upward its earnings projections for the year to March 31. It now expects to report a net profit of 52 billion yen, well up from the 39 billion yen it forecast in November.

Its pretax profit forecast has been raised to 95 billion yen from 75 billion yen, on operating revenue of 2.248 trillion yen, up from the 2.230 trillion yen projected earlier.

NTT West revised upward its earnings outlook, forecasting a net profit of 43 billion yen and a pretax profit of 74 billion yen on operating revenue of 2.156 trillion yen.

In its previous estimate, NTT West forecast a net profit of 34 billion yen and a pretax profit of 60 billion yen on operating revenue of 2.142 trillion yen.

For the coming business year, NTT East expects to generate a pretax profit of 95 billion yen and operating revenue of 2.148 trillion yen.

NTT West anticipates a pretax profit of 74 billion yen on operating revenue of 2.070 trillion yen in fiscal 2004.

NTT’s parent-only pretax profit projection for the next business year is 117 billion yen.

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