World's oldest man dies at 114

Compiled From Kyodo, AP

FUKUOKA — Yukichi Chuganji, 114, the oldest man in the world, died of natural causes Sunday at his home in Ogori, Fukuoka Prefecture, his family said Monday.

Chuganji, a native of Fukuoka Prefecture, was born March 23, 1889 — the same year as the promulgation of the Meiji Constitution.

He became the oldest man in the world when Antonio Todde, a 112-year-old Italian living in Sardinia, died in January 2002.

According to his 65-year old nephew, Tadao Haji, Chuganji had just finished drinking some apple juice when his family noticed he wasn’t looking well.

“As always, he had been thanking everyone for taking such good care of him and for cooking his meals,” Haji said.

Chuganji in his younger years worked as a silkworm breeder and bank employee, and also served as a community welfare officer.

Citing fishing and gardening as his hobbies, Chuganji could be seen riding his bicycle and casting his vote in elections unassisted even after turning 90.

But from about three years ago, when his eyesight began to deteriorate, he spent more time at home, where he lived with his 74-year-old daughter, Kyoko.

Recently, although mostly staying in bed, he had three meals a day and enjoyed eating hard caramels with his own teeth, according to Ogori city officials.

With Chuganji’s death, the oldest man in Japan is 108-year-old Kameni Nakamura of Chinen, Okinawa Prefecture.