Youth allegedly killed mother after attacking teammates OKAYAMA (Kyodo) A 17-year-old boy arrested Thursday after a 16-day manhunt told police Friday he killed his mother “so she would not be troubled” by the injuries he inflicted upon members of his school baseball team, investigative sources said.

The boy was held for allegedly assaulting four teammates from his school’s baseball club, leaving one of them seriously injured, and then beating his mother to death with a baseball bat in Okayama Prefecture last month.

The youth, whose name is being withheld because he is a minor, said he assaulted his teammates because they teased him and because he hated short haircuts, the sources also said.

The boy was arrested on Thursday evening in Akita Prefecture, more than 1,000 km from his home. He had reportedly fled after committing the June 21 assaults and had been on the road for more than two weeks.

According to investigators, the youth beat one first-year and three second-year students during an indoor practice at Oku High School in Oku, Okayama Prefecture.

One of the four, who had reportedly bullied the suspect, suffered serious injuries to the head, while the three others sustained injuries to their shoulders and arms.

About an hour after the assaults, the boy’s mother, 42, was found beaten to death at the family’s home in Osafune, some 6 km from the school.

Investigators said that when the boy was arrested in Honjo, Akita Prefecture, he was carrying about 210,000 yen in cash, apparently taken from his home. He was also carrying a diary, in which he wrote details of his journey.

It shows that from Okayama, he went to neighboring Hyogo Prefecture and then to the Sea of Japan coast. From there, he stole several bicycles to make his way along the coast to Akita Prefecture.

The boy evidently slept outdoors, finding shelter under bridges and buying food from convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

He was also found carrying a portable game machine and extra clothing. However, he told investigators he had not changed his clothes since leaving home.

He carried no maps, despite the long journey.

After his arrest, the boy was flown to Osaka, where authorities handed him over to Okayama Prefectural Police. He was later sent to the Ushimado police station in the prefecture.

The boy is to be transferred to the Okayama District Public Prosecutor’s Office today.