Minyuren panel works to write up new DPJ’s platform

The new Democratic Party of Japan will outline its ideals, policies and other key aspects by March 25, the Minyuren preparatory committee said March 16.

The DPJ is being re-created by a merger with Minyuren’s three other parties, Minseito, Shinto Yuai (Amity Party) and the Democratic Reform Party. The committee held its first meeting the same day and selected Michihiko Kano, secretary general of Minseito (Good Governance Party), as its head.

The committee decided to have three working committees complete drafts by March 25 on organization, rules and finance; ideals and policies; and election strategies and tactics. It hopes to finalizes these matters by the end of this month based on the drafts.

In addition, it hopes to submit an official document concerning the the new party’s formation in early April and hold a convention to launch it by the end of that month.

The leader of the new party is expected to be decided on through talks between the heads of the four parties making up Minyuren.

Sources said DPJ head Naoto Kan will probably be picked as head of the new party because he is popular with the public. But Tsutomu Hata, head of Minseito, reportedly also hopes to head the new party.