Environment | GARDENING FOR ALL Sep 27, 2001

Medicinal ornaments

by Gerard Taaffe

Last year, while searching the southern part of the Kii Peninsula for the elusive yellow-flowered toad lily (Kii joro-hototogisu, Tricyrtis macranthopsis), I came across an unusual tree, a "new discovery" that made my day. A shower-of-gold tree (Cassia surattensis) in full bloom almost seems to ...

Environment | GARDENING FOR ALL Aug 9, 2001

Hidden treasures in south Kyushu

by Gerard Taaffe

Aside from the feral horses and the splendid views from Cape Toimisaki, southeastern Kyushu is known for its "living fossils": the cycads. Cycads, one of the world's most primitive seed-bearing plants, growing wild on the storm-torn coast of southeastern Kyushu. One of my main reasons for ...

Environment | GARDENING FOR ALL Jul 26, 2001

So much to see despite the cedars

by Gerard Taaffe

Earlier this year, I hired a car at Miyazaki Airport and drove along the coast to Kagoshima. Prickly pear at the Nichiran Cactus Garden -- Gerard Taafe photos My first destination was a camellia park officially known as Tsubaki-yama Forest Park, just beyond Mount Boroishi (509 ...