Words and phrases

新型(しんがた)コロナウイルス novel coronavirus

感染拡大 (かんせんかくだい) infection spread

前 (まえ) before, prior to

比(くら)べる to compare

約 (やく) approximately

2人(ふたり)に1人(ひとり) 1 in 2 people

健康(けんこう)になる to become healthy

実感(じっかん)する to actually feel

明治安田生命保険 (めいじやすだせいめいほけん) Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co.

2日 (ふつか) the 2nd

発表(はっぴょう)する to announce

〜に関(かん)する regarding 〜

アンケート survey

こんな this kind

結果 (けっか) result

出(で)る to come out

担当者 (たんとうしゃ) representative, spokesperson

ステイホーム stay at home

〜中(ちゅう) during 〜

食生活 (しょくせいかつ) dietary habits

見直(みなお)す to review

〜したり…したりする do ~ or/and…

運動 (うんどう) exercise

機会 (きかい) opportunity, chance

増(ふ)やす to increase

など and others

生活習慣 (せいかつしゅうかん) lifestyle habits

改善 (かいぜん) improvement

取(と)り組(く)む to work on

人 (ひと) person

増(ふ)える to increase

分析(ぶんせき)する to analyze

調査 (ちょうさ) survey

8月 (はちがつ) August

6〜13日 (むいかからじゅうさんにち) from the 6th to the 13th

全国 (ぜんこく) across the country

20〜79歳 (にじゅうからななじゅうきゅうさい) from age 20 to 79

既婚 (きこん) married

男女 (だんじょ) men and women

対象 (たいしょう) target

ネット internet

実施(じっし)する to conduct

5640人 (ごせんろっぴゃくよんじゅうにん) 5,640 people

答(こた)える to answer

禍 (か) disaster, pandemic

度合(どあ)い degree, status

尋(たず)ねる to inquire, to ask

〜より compared to 〜

やや slightly

回答 (かいとう) response

計 (けい) total

上(のぼ)る to reach

一方(いっぽう)で on the other hand

不健康 (ふけんこう) unhealthy

とどまる to stay, to remain

Quick questions

1) 新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大前と比べ、約2人に1人が健康になったと実感したのはなぜですか?

2) 調査対象はどういった方々でしたか?

3) 感染拡大前より不健康になったと感じた人は何%でしたか?


Compared to before the spread of infection of novel coronavirus, 1 in 2 people actually feel they’ve become healthier. These results came from a survey regarding health announced on the 2nd by Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co. A spokesperson analyzed that, “During the stay-at-home [period] those people who have made improvements to their lifestyle habits — taking a second look at their eating habits, increasing opportunities to exercise and so on — have increased.”

5,640 people answered a survey that was conducted via the internet between Aug. 6 to 13 and targeted married men and women across the country between the ages of 20 and 79 years old.

In inquiring about the degree of health in the coronavirus pandemic, answers of “became healthier” and “became slightly healthier” rose to 48.1% [of all responses]. On the other hand, [those who answered] “became unhealthier” and “became slightly unhealthier” remained at 2.8% [of responses].


1) Why did around 1 in 2 people feel that they had become healthier now than before the spread of the coronavirus infection?


Because the people who have made improvements to their lifestyle habits during the stay-at-home [period] — taking a second look at their eating habits, increasing opportunities to exercise and so on — have increased.

2) What kind of people was the survey targeted at?


Married men and women aged between 20 and 79, from across the country.

3) What percentage of people felt they had become unhealthier compared to before the pandemic?


2.8 percent.

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