Mister Donut has received lots of attention in recent years for its extravagant collaborations with famous bakers and chocolatiers. The chain's latest line of sweets brings two more big names into the fold to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Patissier Toshi Yoroizuka and Kyoto-based green tea producer Gion Tsujiri have joined with Mister Donut for its “Matcha no Odoroki Series.” The series’ four doughnuts include two modeled after the classic pon de ring (¥200 before tax), while the other two are a crispier, square creation (¥230). The latter is fine, offering a nice crunch and blend of tea and chocolate.

Far better, however, are the two so-called Pon De Pie doughnuts. Both varieties — one with matcha cream in the center, the other with chocolate — feature a fluffy doughnut on top of a crispier, pie-like concoction. The flavor of the green tea is as rich as you'd expect from the players involved, but the best part is the textural contrast. The combination of soft and crunchy is what makes this fancy-pants take on the familiar really shine.