Plant-based meat products have been a hit around the world in the past several years and this planet-friendly alternative is finally making inroads in Japan.

While a few other national chains have introduced vegan options, on March 26, Mos Burger became the first fast-food outlet to debut a plant-based burger, developed in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Mos Plant-based Green Burger (¥548) is its first purely vegan offering (plus it omits the “five pungent vegetables” that followers of Buddhism often avoid, if you need an additional spiritual excuse to indulge), but can only be had at nine select stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures.

The Green Burger imitates the classic Mos Burger, which comes topped with a tomato slice, lettuce and slathered in meat sauce. This version sports a patty made from a mix of soybeans, konnyaku and cabbage, sandwiched between a light-green bun. It’s hard to tell just how beef-like this plant-based product tastes though, because, like the original, the condiments overpower the “meat.” So in the end, it really is just like any regular Mos Burger: Success?