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Seven-Eleven's Koku Mune onion soy sauce ramen: Almost as good as the real thing

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Convenience store ramen can hit the spot, but it’s rarely anyone’s first choice when it comes to noodles. Which makes the recent buzz about one item all the more intriguing.

Seven-Eleven Japan’s new Koku Mune onion soy sauce ramen has become a hit on Twitter in the week since it was released. One common boast shared on social media is that it’s every bit as good as, if not better than, what you could get at a proper ramen stand.

At first glance at least, this set of noodles (¥496 after tax) certainly looks more photogenic than most konbini (convenience store) offerings. But while people being excited about something online is a nice change to the usual ire, this doesn’t approach anything you’d find at any mid-tier ramen joint.

As convenience store food, though, it’s fantastic, and shoots into the upper echelon. The noodles boast a nice consistency, while the soup and onions offer a hearty flavor that’s miles ahead of the other instant offerings. Don’t get too excited, but it’s worth devoting at least one dinner to this bowl.

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