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必要な支援は複数回答で「外国人が借りられる住居の拡大や情報提供」が、最多の63.7%。「外国人は借りられない物件が多く、見つけるのに約2カ月かかった」「日本語ができなくても、手続きが簡単にできる窓口があれば」などの意見が聞かれた。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

総務省 (そうむしょう) Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

行政評価局 (ぎょうせいひょうかきょく) Administrative Evaluation Bureau

日本 (にほん) Japan

企業 (きぎょう) company

大学 (だいがく) university

働(はたら)く to work

外国人 (がいこくじん) foreign resident

留学生 (りゅうがくせい) foreign-exchange student, overseas student

375人 (さんびゃくななじゅうごにん) 375 people

調査(ちょうさ)する to survey

結果 (けっか) result

生活環境 (せいかつかんきょう) living environment

改善 (かいぜん) improvement

公的支援 (こうてきしえん) public support

必要 (ひつよう) need

回答(かいとう)する to respond

発表(はっぴょう)する to announce

住宅 (じゅうたく) housing

医療 (いりょう) health care

情報提供 (じょうほうていきょう) information services

行政(ぎょうせい)サービス administrative services

多言語化 (たげんごか) multilingualization

など and others

上位 (じょうい) top-ranking

4月 (しがつ) April

施行 (しこう) enforcement

改正入管難民法 (かいせいにゅうかんなんみんほう) Revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

就労拡大 (しゅうろうかくだい) increase in employment

見込(みこ)まれる to be expected

中 (なか) amid

サポート support

充実 (じゅうじつ) enhancement

求(もと)める to seek

改(あらた)めて a new

浮(う)き彫(ぼ)りになる to be underscored

複数回答 (ふくすうかいとう) multiple answers

借(か)りられる rentable

住居 (じゅうきょ) residence

拡大 (かくだい) increase

情報提供 (じょうほうていきょう) provision of information

最多 (さいた) the most (numerous)

物件 (ぶっけん) property

多(おお)い many

見(み)つける to find

約(やく)2カ月(にかげつ) about two months

かかる to take

日本語 (にほんご) Japanese

できない unable

手続(てつづ)き procedure

簡単(かんたん)に easily

~できる to be able to ~

窓口 (まどぐち) ticket window, office

ある to exist

意見 (いけん) opinion

聞(き)かれる to be heard of

Quick questions

1) この調査によると、日本で働く外国人や留学生の生活環境の改善にはどんな公的支援が必要ですか。

2) 外国人の就労拡大が見込まれるのはなぜですか。

3) 必要な支援として最も多かった回答は何でしたか。


The Administrative Evaluation Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced June 25 that out of 375 foreign workers and students at Japanese companies and universities surveyed, 90.4 percent said they “need better public support” to improve their living environment. The need for more multilingual administrative services and better information services on housing and health care were ranked at the top. With the Revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act taking effect in April, the number of foreign workers is expected to increase and the need for better support has been underscored anew.

When asked what kind of support was necessary, the top answer provided by 63.7 percent of respondents was, “more foreigner-friendly apartments for rent and information on them.” “Many rental properties in Japan are unavailable to foreigners and it took about two months to find one,” said one respondent, while another said, “I wish there were government offices where even people with no Japanese ability could easily check (rental costs and complete the procedure to move in).”


1) According to this survey, what kind of public support is needed to improve the living environment for foreign workers and students in Japan?


Information services on housing and health care and multilingual administrative services.

2) Why is the number of foreign workers in Japan expected to increase?


Because the Revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act took effect in April.

3) What was the most needed support mentioned in the response?


More rentable residences for foreign residents and information on them.

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