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The new McDonald's McFlurry tastes like caramel, caramel and, well, caramel

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

It’s the time of the year to start finding ways to keep cold. As the temperature goes up, let’s turn this column’s silver dessert spoon toward a cooler treat.

McDonald’s Japan released one of the early warm-weather-worthy desserts of 2019 in late April. The fast food chain’s new McFlurry Nama Caramel delivers on that title, taking the long-running soft serve variation and adding an excess of caramel to it. Each cup (¥290) also features a hearty mix of crunchy almonds in the ice cream, giving this a little more texture.

That almond addition is very welcome, but this McFlurry variant ultimately goes a little overboard with sweetness. The original McFlurry is a simple, satisfying creation, delivering a nice balance between vanilla soft serve and the sweet topping.

In this case though, they really go wild with the caramel sauce, which makes it a little too much for anyone who’s not an absolute sugar freak. Maybe find something simpler to stay cool.

Pino ice cream, anyone?

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