Sweets maker Fujiya released two new flavors of its venerable Look brand of chocolate on Nov. 13. One of them plays up a familiar flavor, promising a unique twist. The other ... is far more unexpected. Both charm in their own ways.

The more traditional offering comes in the form of smoked almond chocolates. Each box (¥248 after tax) comes with 13 squares, stuffed with smoky almonds. The almonds pair well with the rich chocolate encasing them, and every bite delivers a nice crunch. It's nothing too out of the ordinary though, save for a greater than usual quantity of almonds.

The real attention-grabber is Look's new cheese variety (same price as above). The sweet uses two types of cheese powder — cheddar and Camembert — in conjunction with white chocolate to create something that tastes ... interesting.

On one hand, it is a strange mix of flavors. On the other, I ate four squares without realizing it. For something different, give these sweets a go.