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Calbee's edamame and cheese-flavored chips: Hardly unique, but good with a drink

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

On their own, edamame already make for a solid snack, especially when paired with a glass of beer. But snack manufacturer Calbee sees opportunities to experiment everywhere.

Its latest edamame and cheese-flavored chips attempt to elevate the humble soybean to another level; a new combination of flavors that is supposed to shine alongside your drink of choice. From the outside they don’t seem much, but each bag (¥150) promises to deliver the taste of “mild” edamame alongside a richer cheese flavor.

“Mild” might be too kind an adjective for the edamame flavoring found on these chips. Cheese dominates every bite, the only potential sign of the edamame is a slight saltiness that should probably be attributed to this being junk food rather than any breakthrough in taste. In terms of uniqueness, these flop, but ignoring how they are marketed, the chips are less overwhelming than other cheese varieties on the market.

Moreover, the snack still goes well with a drink, which might be all that matters in the end.