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Words and phrases

国立研究機関 (こくりつけんきゅうきかん) national research institution

森林総合研究所 (しんりんそうごうけんきゅう じょ) Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute

茨城県 (いばらきけん) Ibaraki Prefecture

つくば市 (つくばし) Tsukuba city

シラカバ Japanese white birch

木 (き) tree

食用 (しょくよう) edible

酵母 (こうぼ) yeast

発酵 (はっこう) fermentation

製造する (せいぞうする) to produce

技術 (ぎじゅつ) technique

開発する (かいはつする) to develop

従来 (じゅうらい) traditional, up to now

加熱 (かねつ) heating

薬剤 (やくざい) medicine, drug

処理 (しょり) processing

要らない (いらない) not needed

樹木 (じゅもく) trees

固有 (こゆう) characteristic

豊か (ゆたか) abundant

香り (かおり) aroma

楽しめる (たのしめる) to be able to enjoy

安全性 (あんぜんせい) safety

確認 (かくにん) confirmation

世界 (せかい) the world

初めて (はじめて) for the first time

お酒 (おさけ) alcohol

誕生する (たんじょうする) be created

木材 (もくざい) wood

アルコール作り (アルコールづくり) making alcohol

細胞壁 (さいぼうへき) cell wall

含まれる (ふくまれる) contained

堅い (かたい) solid

成分 (せいぶん) ingredient

妨げる (さまたげる) to prevent

難点 (なんてん) fault, weakness

除く (のぞく) to remove

失う (うしなう) to lose

加熱 (かねつ) heating

有害 (ゆうがい) harmful

硫酸 (りゅうさん) sulfuric acid

必要 (ひつよう) needed

燃料 (ねんりょう) fuel

使う (つかう) to use

Quick questions

1) どの種類の木を使っていますか。

2) 従来は、木を使ってどんなアルコールが作られていましたか。

3) 木を加熱するのはどうしてダメですか。


The Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, a public research center in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, has developed a technique for producing alcohol from trees such as the Japanese white birch through fermentation using edible yeast. The new process does not require heating or chemical treatment, as has been the case in the past, and the trees give off a pleasant aroma. If researchers can confirm the alcohol is safe to consume, they will have created the world’s first alcohol from trees.

The stumbling block when making alcohol from wood is a component of the cell walls that hardens the tree but also prevents fermentation. To remove this component, the wood had to be heated, which meant it lost its aroma, and sulfuric acid — which is harmful to human health — had to be used. The undrinkable alcohol was used as fuel.


1) What species of tree is being used?


Japanese white birch.

2) What type of alcohol was being made from trees before?


Alcohol for use as fuel.

3) Why is heating the wood bad?


Because it loses its aroma.

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