The International Tokyo Toy Show is often a good place to spot new gadgets and this year was no exception. On: Tech takes a look at a couple of toys showcased at the trade show this month, and some ideas of how technology can help educate children.

'Pika-chu, pika-pi, pika-pika-chu'

Takara Tomy has transformed one of Japan's most famous characters into a tiny pet robot. HelloPika is a pocket-sized toy that responds to speech with various actions that include nodding, shaking its head, lighting up at the cheeks and replying "pika-pika," "pika-chu," "pika-pi" and other "pika" words. Don't expect to understand it — it won't speak English or Japanese. But it will turn toward you when spoken to and has a "pika" answer for everything. It also laughs when tickled, snores when sleeping and can be clipped to pockets for those who don't want to part with it.