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振り袖の販売・レンタル業「はれのひ」 (横浜市)が突然営業を停止し、成人式で 晴れ着を着られなかった被害者らの新成人 を祝福するイベントが2月4日、横浜市で 開かれた。参加者は無料でレンタルした振り袖を着て、約1カ月遅れの晴れ姿に笑顔を見せた。


横浜市神奈川区の大学2年生の一方は、はれのひに着物を預けていたため成人式当日に着ることができず、市主催の式典にも参加しなかった。「今日が本当の成人式なんだと思えた」と喜びを語った。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

振り袖 (ふりそで) long-sleeved kimono

販売・レンタル業 (はんばい・れんたるぎょう) sales and rental business

横浜市 (よこはまし) Yokohama City

突然 (とつぜん) suddenly

営業 (えいぎょう) operations

停止 (ていし) halt

成人式 (せいじんしき) Coming-of-Age ceremony

晴れ着 (はれぎ) Sunday best (clothes), formal attire

着られなかった (きられなかった) were unable to wear

被害者 (ひがいしゃ) affected party

新成人 (しんせいじん) new adults (20-year-olds in Japan having their Coming-of-Age ceremony within that year)

祝福 (しゅくふく) blessing

2月4日 (にがつよっか) Feb. 4

開かれた (ひらかれた) held

参加者 (さんかしゃ) participant

無料 (むりょう) free of charge

約1カ月遅れ (やくいっかげつおくれ) about one month late

晴れ姿 (はれすがた) appearing in one’s finest clothes

笑顔を見せた (えがおをみせた) smiled

漫才コンビ (まんざいこんび) comedy duo

西野亮広さん (にしのあきひろ) Akihiro Nishino

企画 (きかく) to plan

出席 (しゅっせき) attendance

約100人 (やくひゃくにん) around 100 people

参加した (さんかした) participated

神奈川区 (かながわく) Kanagawa Ward

大学2年生 (だいがくにねんせい) sophomores in college

一方 (ひとかた) one person

預けていた (あずけていた) had entrusted with

当日 (とうじつ) appointed day

市主催 (ししゅさい) city-organized

式典 (しきてん) ceremony

今日 (きょう) today

本当 (ほんとう) real, actual

思えた (おもえた) seemed

喜び (よろこび) delight

語った (かたった) expressed

Quick questions

1) このイベントは誰のために開かれましたか。

2) このイベントは誰が企画しましたか。

3) 約何人が参加しましたか。


Harenohi of Yokohama, a long-sleeved kimono sales and rental business, suddenly halted all operations [on Jan. 8], leaving many new adults unable to wear formal attire for their Coming-of-Age ceremony.

An event was held on Feb. 4 in Yokohama to bless those who were affected. The participants wore kimono that they were able to rent free of charge and celebrated, almost a month late, smiling in their finest clothes.

The event was planned by comedy duo King Kong’s Akihiro Nishino. Around 100 people who were affected by [the collapse of] Harenohi and were unable to attend their Coming-of-Age ceremonies participated in the event.

A college sophomore from Yokohama’s Kanagawa Ward had entrusted her kimono to Harenohi and was unable to wear it and did not participate in the ceremony organized by the city.

“It seemed like today was my genuine Coming-of-Age ceremony,” she said, brimming with happiness.


1) Who was this event held for?


The people who were unable to participate in Coming-of-Age ceremonies thanks to Harenohi.

2) Who organized this event?


Akihiro Nishino.

3) About how many people participated?


About 100 people.

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