Monster transformer

Mega Drive meet Megatron. The 16-bit Sega console, known as the Mega Drive in Japan (Genesis in the U.S.), is now a Transformer toy for Decepticon leader Megatron.

The Transformer morphs into a highly realistic Mega Drive, with amazing detail down to the power switch, reset button and headphones volume switch. There’s also a game slot for a replica “Sonic the Hedgehog” cartridge and a little controller.

The toy even comes in a Sega Genesis version, which is limited to 1,000 units and is available via Takara Tomy’s online shop.

The Mega Drive Megatron was released late last month and is priced at ¥10,800.


Celebrate PlayStation with this . . . PlayStation

What better way to mark two decades of PlayStation than with a 20th-anniversary PlayStation 4? This special PS4 comes in Sony’s first PlayStation color, which means the new hardware — including the DualShock 4, headset and console stand — are all finished in “original gray.” Gamers will feel nostalgic just looking at this machine.

Packaged in a special box, the 20th-anniversary edition is limited to only 12,300 worldwide, marking the inaugural Dec. 3 launch of the first PlayStation in 1994. Make no mistake, this is perhaps the most desirable PlayStation 4 that’s been released to date. It’s also one of the most striking consoles Sony has released in, well, 20 years.

Priced at ¥49,800, the 20th-anniversary edition of the PlayStation 4 was made available Dec. 10, though it’s so high in demand, getting hold of one might be a bit tricky.


Nintendo’s smashing new controller

There’s only one real way to play “Smash Bros.” and that’s with a GameCube controller.

Iconic fighting game “Super Smash Bros. Melee” was released back in 2001 on the GameCube, and an entire generation of gamers grew up playing the game with that console’s controller. “Smash Bros.” is so closely associated with the GameCube controller that Nintendo just released a wired GameCube controller for the latest “Super Smash Bros.” on the Wii U.

A separate adapter is necessary to use the GameCube pad with the Wii U, and those hoping to face eight friends in multiplayer mode will need two adapters, because each one only has slots for four controllers. Both the controller and the adapter have been selling like hotcakes outside of Japan, with consumers paying as much as 10 times the recommended retail price. However, don’t pay those premiums, because Nintendo is reportedly increasing production to meet demand.

Priced at ¥2,000 and released on Dec. 6, the Nintendo Game Cube Controller is available in black or white. The Wii U adaptor is sold separately and priced at ¥2,500.


Playstation launches a monster game

This winter, “Godzilla” stomps onto the PlayStation 3. Marking 60 years of the cult classic’s original debut, monsters get a video game send up as Godzilla thrashes through urban landscapes and battles iconic movie foes such as Mothra, King Ghidorah, and MechaGodzilla.

The main character brings the tokusatsu (special effects) experience to life and reflects the heaviness of the suit that the original actors once wore. The sound effects make this feel like you’re actually playing a Toho monster flick in your living room. But this isn’t all old school. The Godzilla from the new Hollywood re-make also makes an appearance in the game.

“Godzilla” for the PS3 was released on Dec. 18 for ¥7,600.


Grand Theft Auto in first person

One of last year’s biggest games is getting re-released on the PS4 with a special new feature: a first-person view.

The result is a fresh take on the world of “Grand Theft Auto” like players have never seen before. The game puts players directly in the driver’s seat for cruising around Los Santos, the game’s virtual Los Angeles. Shooting can be done in a FPS mode, too. The new view is optional, and players can toggle between it and the traditional third-person point of view.

To appeal to the domestic “Grand Theft Auto” fanbase, Sony is releasing a special, limited edition “GTAV” PlayStation 4 bundle. Priced at ¥44,980, it comes with a 500GB PlayStation 4 console and a copy of the game. Since the console is usually priced at ¥39,980 and the game costs ¥7,400, this is a good way to save a few thousand yen.

PlayStation 4 “Grand Theft Auto V” was released on Dec. 11.


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