Leaving the tranquil streets of Tokyo's Daikanyama district and entering Cafe Streamline is like going back in time. The bar contrasts the modern architecture outside with antiques and old kitchen appliances cluttering the interior and soft jazz music playing on a radio. Then again, the bar counter and walls, inspired by old science-fiction films, are made of metal, giving the bar an almost futuristic look.

"This (bar) isn't Japan, nor is it America. It's just something I came up with," says owner Hideharu Wakabayashi, who describes the design of his place as "retro-future."

Wakabayashi looks the part of a laborer from the 1930s or '40s, with his trousers, suspenders, off-white shirt and a red cloth dotted with white polka dots knotted around his neck. Some days he scrubs up well with a bow tie or a suit.