The name may be considered a little misleading, as VegeVege does have its fair share of meat and fish dishes, but the entire menu is infused with home-grown goods and local products, so everything available is crisp and garden-fresh.

There is a huge selection of dishes to choose from, including the omnipresent bagna cauda (¥780 for a portion that serves one or two, or ¥1,380 for a three-to-four-person serving), which is a selection of cut vegetables and a delicious pasted mix of anchovies, garlic, butter and olive oil.

For lunch you can either choose a pasta set (¥980) or the VegeVege Lunch (¥1,180), both of which come with a salad and unlimited drinks. The VegeVege Lunch miniaturizes nine of the restaurant's most popular dishes, whilst the pasta lunch changes on a regular basis.

Lively at night, VegeVege is popular with young professionals and has a bar stocked to keep them happy, with its signature fruit mojitos (¥650), freshly squeezed fruit sours (¥530), homemade sangria (¥500) and your standard beer and whisky selection.

With a warm atmosphere, VegeVege is a great place to dip your toes in the vegetarian pool without having to take the plunge altogether.