Long associated with college frat parties, beer pong is now mainstream in the United States. Although the game — which requires a long table, a pair of ping pong balls and several plastic cups, each filled with an inch of beer — is difficult to talk a Japanese pub owner into replicating, there are several groups in the city that hold beer pong games for newcomers and those bored with simply drinking beer out of a mug.

The aim of the game is to throw the ball into your opponent's cups, which they must then drink. The side to finish all their cups of beer first is the loser.

For the liveliest games, venture to Saitama, where you can find a beer pong night on the third Saturday of every month at Unchain Farm (1-7-4 Sumiyoshi, Soka, Saitama; 048-924-7654; www.unchainfarm.com). Entrance is ¥1,000, including one drink, while a round of beer pong is ¥300 per person. Organizer Michael Placido, who co-runs an event information website at www.noplace2go.com, throws these events as a way to meet strangers in his neighborhood.